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The BeepDomains Beginners Guide to Domain Names

BeepDomains allows you to search for, then purchase and register an Internet 'name' (domain name). This domain name should be an easy to remember name that relates to your marketing, branding or personal needs. It will emphasise your identity and presence on the Internet. BeepDomains includes with your purchase the ability for your domain name to be used with your existing web site and your existing email address.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is an Internet address such as or These domain names can then be used for web sites such as or They can also be used for email addresses such as or A domain name is simply a means of easily identifying you or your product on the Internet.

You do not need to have a web site or an email address in order to get a Domain Name. You may simply wish to purchase your Domain Name in advance in order to prevent anyone else from getting it. Domain Names are registered on a first come, first served basis. This means that when you search and find a good domain name that you want, you should purchase it as soon as possible before someone else does.

When a Domain Name is not being used for a web site or an email address, it is 'parked' which means it points to a Domain Name holding web page. This is called Domain Name Parking. If a Domain Name is being used with an existing web site, a service called Web Forwarding is enabled (click Web Forwarding for details). If a Domain Name is being used with an existing email address, a service called Email Forwarding is enabled (click Email Forwarding for details).

How do I choose a domain name?

A Domain Name is split into 2 parts: the name and the domain type. In the domain name, the name is beepweb and the domain type is .com.

1. Choosing a name
The name may contain any letter (a to z), any digit (0 to 9) and a hyphen ('-' to represent a space). The name may not start or end with a hyphen and may not contain two or more hyphens next to each other. The length of a name may be between 3 and 63 characters. Your name should be easy to remember and ideally no more than 21 characters in length.

2. Choosing a domain type
There are many domain types and BeepDomains UK offers Domain Names for the global .com, .net and .org types and the,,, and types. Here are the meanings for these domain types:

  • .com
    originally intended for commercial use and is the most popular and recognised domain type
  • .org
    originally intended for non-profit organisations
  • .net
    originally intended for computer networks but has become known as an alternative to the .com
    intended for commercial entities in the United Kingdom
    intended for non-profit organisations in the United Kingdom
    intended soley for UK Private Limited Companies
    intended soley for UK Public Limited Companies
    intended soley for network providers in the United Kingdom
The .com, .org, .net, and are all entirely public and means that anyone may apply to register them. The, and are subject to some requirements (click Rules for details).

How are Domain Names assigned?

Domain Names are registered with a Network Information Centre (NIC). A NIC is an organisation that maintains the records of all the Domain Names that have been registered. There is a different NIC for each main type of Domain Name. A Domain Name is registered with a NIC for a fixed time period and then must be renewed on the registration expiration date. BeepDomains deals with the NICs on your behalf and settles any NIC fees.

Is it possible to deal with the NICs directly?

Yes, but the NICs charge more to individuals who do not register Domain Names in wholesale quantities. For instance, to register a with the UK NIC, it would cost £80.00 + VAT and would exclude any of the BeepDomains services including the Hosting of the Domain Name, the Email Forwarding and the Web Forwarding Services.

How many domain names can one person register?

There are no limits on the number of domains that one person can have. If you are going to register a large quantity of domain names, you may be interested in the BeepDomains Bulk Registration Program (Click Bulk Registrations for details)

Many people register their name in numerous domain types to prevent anyone else from using their name. For example, register your name in both the and the .com domain type or register your name in the .com, .net and .org domain type.

How do I start searching for Domain Names?

To start searching, go to the orange box at the top of this web page, enter a name, choose a domain type and press Search. You will be presented with a search result indicating whether your Domain Name is available. If your Domain Name is available, it will be added to a list of Domain Names to be ordered. You can then add more domain names to the list by repeatedly searching for more domain names or remove from the list by un-checking a domain name. when you are happy with your selection of Domain Names, press the 'continue' button to order your domain names.

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