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Choosing and registering a Domain Name is probably one of the most important Internet related tasks you are likely to do. BeepWeb® has prepared a simple guide to choosing a Domain Name that explains many conventions used today.

Please choose from the following: General Ideas
Name Suggestions
Securing your Internet Identity
Domain Name Alternatives
(if the name that you
wanted is already registered)

General Ideas

  • Do not be afraid of having a long Domain Name.

  • Do use the hyphen ('-') within the name.

  • Do use numbers within the name.

  • Consider how your name will look within an email address and a web address (i.e. and
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Name Suggestions

    (Your first name)

    (Your second name)

    (your first name followed by your second name)
    (your first name followed by your second name with a hyphen)

    (your occupation)

    (your phone number)

    (your street or area)
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As a company you will want to register all variations of your company name. This is to prevent anyone else from using your name over the Internet. It is undesirable for the name of a company to be registered to another party. Possible Variations include:

    (simply your company name)

    (your company name with hyphens ('-') between the words)

    (If you are a Limited company, register your name under the official Domain)

    (If you are a Public Limited company, register your name under the official Domain)

  • /
    (the plural of your company name)

    (what you sell)

    (what you provide as service)
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Securing your Internet identity.

  • See if your name is available within the International and UK Domains. A commercial entity might register their name under both the .com and Domain.

  • If the name has more than one word, register it with the hyphen ('-') between the words.

  • See if the plural of the name is available.

  • Consider registering your name under all of the public Domains. That is under .com, .net and .org.

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Domain Name alternatives.

  • Consider having a prefix or a suffix to your name. There are many examples including e, e-, dot, net, 2000 and online.

  • Consider registering the name including a hyphen ('-') between the words.

  • See if the plural of the name is available.

  • See if your name is available under a different Domain. For instance, your name may not be available under the .com Domain but available under the Domain.

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