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Registering a Domain Name

  1. How to register on-line?

    On-line registration is the fastest means of registering a Domain Name. It involves searching for available Domain Names, providing your details and making payment via credit card. There are 5 steps to registering on-line which are detailed below.

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    Step 1: searching for available Domain Names

    At the top of every BeepDomains web page, there is a large orange box entitle 'Search free for a web address' which contains the search inputs.

    Search Process:
    1. Enter a word, name or phrase that you wish to register under a domain.
    2. Choose the domain that you want to search under.
    3. Press the 'Search' button.

    You are then presented with a search result indicating whether or not your Domain Name is available for registration. If your Domain Name is available, it will be added to a list below the search result.

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    Step 2: editing the list of available Domain Names

    Once you have searched for a Domain Name you can continue searching and make a list of up to 12 Domain Names to register. You can do the following:

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    Step 3: providing your details

    Here you must complete the on-line form including a reply email address, the registrant details, the Administrative Contact details, the Billing address, the Length of Service and confirm your agreement to the Terms and Conditions.

    Once you have completed the on-line form, Press the 'Continue' button to go to the next step.

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    Step 4: confirming your information

    Please double check your information for any errors. If all is correct press the 'Continue' button to go to the next step.

    If there is an error, use the back button on your browser to go to the previous step and make any corrections. Then press the 'Continue' button again to return to the confirmation page.

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    Step 5: making payment by credit card

    On the payment page you see a summary of the cost of the service and the input for your credit card details. You will be asked for:

    • The name of the credit card holder
    • The postal code of the credit card holder
    • The credit card type
    • The credit card Number
    • The issue number (if Maestro)
    • The Expiry Date

    BeepWeb Limited uses the SecureTrading network to process all credit card transactions. If you look at the address of the payment web page, you will notice that it starts with 'https://' which means the page uses a secure server and all information is encrypted. Details of the security features that BeepWeb Limited uses are listed at the bottom of the payment page.

    Once your credit card has been cleared, you will see a congratulatory web page. An email order confirmation will then be sent to your Reply Email address.

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  2. Is it possible to register off-line?

    Yes. You must download an order form and send it along with a cheque for the full amount to us. Once we receive the order and have cleared the funds, your registration will be processed. Off-line registration can take up to 4 days to process.

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  3. Why is it better to register on-line?

    On-line registration is much faster than off-line registration. Payment is made immediately by credit card and your order is processed the same day. This means that your Domain Name registration is secured more quickly.

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  4. How long does it take for the domain name order to be processed?

    On-line orders are processed the same day, off-line orders may take up to 4 days to be processed.

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  5. How can I check my Domain Name Registration status?

    In order to determine when your Domain Name has been registered, you may search for your Domain Name using the WHOIS lookup (the Naming Authority searching facility).

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  6. When do I receive confirmation of the Domain Name registration?

    An email is sent to the Administrative Contact email address once the registration has been confirmed.

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  7. Do I receive a hard copy invoice?

    Yes. Invoices are sent to the Billing Address within a month from the order date.

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